About the Book –

Published by Olympia Publishers

25-02-2021, Paperback, 395 pages

A captivating and moving story, set during the Second World War, portraying the extremely harsh living conditions endured by those on the home front. The story follows the life and loves of Violet, and some very tragic events that beset her young life. She lost her parents at a very young age and was taken in and brought up by an elderly neighbour. At age fourteen, she obtained work at a factory and forged some lifelong friendships, which played an important role in her future. Violet joined the army at the age of seventeen, where she was exposed to the many horrors of war on the beaches of Dunkirk. She married Stephen, a Regimental Sergeant Major in the army, but his many deployments to North Africa meant important family milestones were missed. His family supported Violet during his absence, but the question was, would he return from the war and would Violet finally find happiness?

About the Author

I was born and raised in Manchester before studying for a Forensic Science degree at Staffordshire University. I eventually moved to South Wales where I met my husband and became a full time mum to my three children, Emilie, Morgan and Osian. Health issues forced me to rethink my path in life and reawakened my long, lost passion for writing.