The Council will begin a further scheme to alleviate the risk of flooding in Pentre, through drainage improvements to reduce the build-up of debris in the watercourse and additional gully works at Pleasant Street. 

The scheme, which will begin on Wednesday, February 3, will firstly install a new catchpit manhole within Pentre Park, to reduce the risk of debris building up within the main culvert and the additional gullies which are located at the bottom of Pleasant Street. This activity will last around two weeks, and will be followed by one week of additional works to the gullies at this location.

The Council has appointed Dee Plant Ltd as the contractor with responsibility for carrying out both elements of the scheme – lasting three weeks in total.

The scheme is likely to cause minimal disruption. The first works will take place in the park, which will remain open as usual, while the activity at Pleasant Street will be localised and does not require traffic management.

The Council has secured an 85% contribution from Welsh Government for this work, with the remainder funded through the RCT Investment Programme.

Flood alleviation scheme at Pentre Park and Pleasant Street (